Customized Rubber Injection Machines for Highly Specialized Applications


Research, mold making, and production can be considered as critical processes in rubber molding technology. Jing-Day Machinery, originating from Taiwan, has accumulated over 40 years of knowledge and expertise in rubber and silicone molding since its establishment in 1983. This expertise allows them to excel in crucial technologies, enabling them to develop various specialized machinery and equipment for clients across a wide spectrum of industries. From small rubber hoses to large tires, their applications span across medical, automotive, industrial parts, sports goods, and even military products such as gas masks and tank treads. This diverse product range has led JING-DAY Machinery to market its equipment in over 60 countries, establishing itself as a vital player in the global supply chain.

Dedication to Quality

JING-DAY Machinery specializes primarily in customized machinery. Upon receiving a sample, they initiate mold making and testing processes, followed by evaluation by their professional engineers, leading to production. Essentially, as long as a sample is provided, JING-DAY can develop molds for production, conducting multiple tests to ensure quality.

Although customization is JING-DAY's biggest advantage, it also comes with significant challenges. Meeting the diverse demands for highly tailored products requires a strong belief that making top-quality items leads to successful business outcomes. Their primary focus is on ensuring excellent customer experiences. As a result, in every aspect of their work, from research and production to service, they prioritize their customers' needs, aiming to provide the highest quality.

Through vertical integration, they consolidate upstream and downstream manufacturers, ensuring stable processing quality and reliable delivery times, instilling confidence in JING-DAY's machinery among buyers, who need not worry about delayed shipments.

Guided by five core principles – sustainable operations, integrity and responsibility, unwavering commitment to mission, stringent quality standards, and a global perspective – JING-DAY aspires to be the top choice in the hearts of their customers.

Furthermore, it's important to highlight that JING-DAY incorporates standardized machine parts, which enables customers to conveniently acquire and replace components from local sources, significantly improving the ease of use of their machinery. This attribute received accolades from customers worldwide, particularly during the pandemic, as it offered a valuable solution when on-site maintenance posed difficulties.

Agents Want – Be JING-DAY Global Partners

Jing-Day Machinery is actively seeking global agents! If you are interested in becoming an agent in Vietnam, JING-DAY Machinery welcomes your participation. Currently, Jing-Day Machinery has agents across all five continents, including countries in Asia such as Indonesia, India, Japan, and Thailand; the Americas, including the United States and Brazil; and Europe, including France, Spain, and Italy. As long as you have a good understanding of JING-DAY's machinery and relevant sales experience, you are welcome to join the JING-DAY family!