JING DAY: Automation of Rubber Injection Moulding Machines


Injection Molding for Sporting Goods
While crowds cheer and television audiences tune in to watch professional athletes test their skills against one another, few will give any immediate thought to something as seemingly banal as rubber — but rubbers play a significant role.

From injection molded balls to protective shoes and more, we can thank dependable rubbers in every case. Away from the sports field, recreational goods in many retail categories increasingly demand rapid and intricate rubber injection molding for critical components and entire assemblies. With safety and reliability on the line, acquiring the right parts takes on even greater importance.

At Jing-Day, we understand these challenges. In response, we offer more than other rubber molding machine manufacturers; rather than merely providing a pipeline for parts, we lend our expertise and understanding in the product development and prototyping stages, too. With a complete end-to-end service ready to respond to changing demands in your industry, we are the ideal option for responsive manufacturing. 

Collaboration with Molding Manufacturers Made Simple
Creating new products or improving existing ones isn’t easy, especially while also investigating new options in rubber molding. At Jing-Day, we offer access to our almost 40 years of experience and highly proficient computer-aided design team to streamline the engineering processes at the front end of a production cycle. With a high level of attention to detail, With the design locked in, we can begin production as soon as you are ready. Depending on the volume required, we may turn to our valued overseas partners for assistance; however, our domestic capabilities are also extensive and allow our clients to enjoy consistently short turnarounds. 

Advance to the Next Round of Products with Jing-Day
Ultimately, the advantages we bring to the table for our partners do more than simplify the production process. The improved quality and lowered per-piece cost are benefits you can pass on to your customers as well. This ripple effect begins in the first stages of a product’s life cycle, and we’re excited about the opportunity to help. Ready to get back in the game? Say hello today and let us know how we can help.

Source: PRM BLOG