Double-line Vertical Hydraulic Press Rubber Molding Machine

JD-H2 Series
Double-line Vertical Hydraulic Press Rubber Molding Machine

Features of Hydraulic Press

  • This JD-H2 series of vertical hydraulic press rubber molding machines designed for double-line production are suitable for molding many different plastic-related materials. Mainly rubber, others such as melon dishes, bakelite, urea powder, foaming, brakes, etc.
  • PLC and HMI functional control as standard specifications.
  • Integrated hydraulic circuit provides various pipe functions on the circuit boards, reducing piping to a minimum. The oil cooler ensures the long service life of the circuit valve.
  • The motion time and several other parameters can be conveniently set on the control panel to meet product variations, ensuring production quality.
  • Combines two rubber hydraulic press molding units in one machine, which can be operated separately.
  • While in vulcanization molding operations, the hydraulic pump motor can be set for running, or stopped for power saving.
  • The electric system is controlled by the PLC controller, allowing for easy operation and accurate adjustment. An emergency switch provides added safety for the mold and the operator.

Specification of Hydraulic Press





Clamping Force Ton 150 200 300
Plate Size mm 510 x 510 600 x 620 730 x 730
Piston Diameter mm 310 355 430
Piston Stroke mm 420 480 600
Space Between Tie Bar mm 550 x 300 675 x 365 795 x 455
Oil Hydraulic System HP 7.5 x 2 7.5 x 2 10 x 2
Platen Heating Capacity kw 12 x 2 13.5 x 2 20 x 2
System Pressure kg / cm² 210 210 210
Oil Tank Capacity liters 430 520 700
Machine Dimensions mm 3120 x 1745 x 2076 1930 x 3580 x 2050 2040 x 3980 x 2815
Machine Weight (Approx) kg 7600 11000 14700