Top 8 Features to Consider When Choosing a Liquid Silicone Injection Molding Machine


Liquid silicone injection molding is a manufacturing technique employed to create precise parts and components. This process involves injecting liquid silicone into a mold cavity and curing it with heat. It is particularly suitable for producing high-quality and intricate products, such as automotive components, medical devices, baby products, and precision electronics.

medical device make by liquid silicone injection molding machine medical devices by liquid silicone injection molding

When choosing the ideal liquid silicone injection molding machine, it is crucial to consider several features to guarantee the machine meets your requirements. Here are some essential features to look for :

  • Versatility :

    Opt for a machine capable of producing a vast array of products, as this permits greater flexibility in production and can minimize the need for multiple machines.
  • Increased Efficiency :

    A reliable machine should reduce processing times and enhance production capacity, resulting in increased profits.
  • PLC and HMI Functional Control :

    Seek a machine equipped with a programmable logic controller (PLC) and a human-machine interface (HMI). These features facilitate precise control over the machine and its functions, streamlining operation and efficiency.
  • Three-Stage Pressure System and Four-Speed Transmission :

    The injection system should incorporate a three-stage pressure system and four-speed transmission, providing accurate precision injection volume with less than 0.5% discrepancy and simplifying operation.
  • Electronically Controlled Hydraulic System :

    A high-quality machine should feature an acquisition loop hydraulic system with electronically controlled operation, allowing the user to select between a servo motor for energy conservation or alternative options for enhanced efficiency.
  • Plunger Feeding System :

    The machine ought to include a plunger feeding system, enabling precise AB material ratios and consistent mixing. This improvement ultimately results in better product quality and yield rates.
  • Touch Screen Operation System :

    The machine should have an intuitive touch screen operation system, facilitating easy setup and precise control. A device with 200 memory module settings empowers the user to store and recall various production settings effortlessly.
  • High-Precision Machining Equipment :

    Search for a machine furnished with high-precision machining equipment, ensuring that top-quality liquid silicone products are produced at a stable and high production rate.
liquid silicone injection molding machine

When purchasing a liquid silicone injection molding machine, you must thoroughly assess the machine's features and confirm that your choice will satisfy your production needs and deliver the highest quality output achievable. Learn more information about liquid silicone injection molding machines, please contact us today !